Trimming Your Facial Hair with a Beard Trimmer

There’s no doubt that having facial hair makes you look more masculine and sophisticated letting your facial hair grow out of control undoes everything. As such you should take the time to learn how to use a trimmer to look your best. Here are some great tips for trimming your facial hair with a beard trimmer. Beard trimmers are the better choice because they offer control and allow you to trim your beard how you like it.

Wash and Dry Your Beard

The first step is to always wash and dry your beard. It’s easier to trim a clean beard and it looks better when finished. After your beard dries run a comb through it to straighten it out. If you have a long beard then combing it becomes vital.

Trimming Tools

The best trimming tools these days are found in the mid-range. They are versatile and can be used to give yourself a haircut as well as trim your beard. If you’re trimming your beard for the first time or are using a new beard trimmer then start out using the longest trimming length. You can always switch to a shorter length tool after getting started.

Trim the Neck Area

It’s best to start out by trimming the neck area. If you have your own defined neckline preference then remove the guard on the trimmer and use the blades of the trimmer to outline your beard.

If you get too close to the chin it can leave you looking like you’ve got a double chin but it’s nothing to worry about. The hair there grows pretty quick and you can adjust your shave next time so it doesn’t happen again.

Switch To the Side of Your Face

After trimming your neck you should move to the side of your face and take care of your sideburns. You need to trim the sides of your beard before trimming the chin area. You also need to decide if you want your beard to cover the cheeks or if you want to shave your cheeks too.

If you’re shaving the cheeks then, much like with your neck, you need to define an outline. The difference is that it’s tougher to define an outline with the trimmer so it’s best to switch to a disposable razor for this part. It makes it easier to manage the curves of your cheeks and definite an outline.

Because beards always look nicer when the hairs on the cheek are shorter than the hairs on the chin it helps to maintain a difference of two guard combs. Trim vertically with the trimmer towards your jawline. If you’re keeping your beard on your cheeks then also trim your cheeks with the trimmer while using the comb you used with the sides.

After you’ve finished trimming your beard comb it out again to get rid of any stray hairs and then, if you’re shaving the hair off your cheeks, shave where you don’t want any facial hair.

Change the guard to a higher number at this point and start from about an inch above the chin area. Finish off trimming your chin without shaving off any of your moustache. That should be taken care of separately.

Maintaining a Well-Groomed Beard

To maintain your beard it’s important you get your hands on a good quality beard trimmer that comes with different length adjustment options. It’s quite simple to maintain your well-groomed beard. Actually trimming it is the difficult part. Just wash and comb it on a regular basis and use conditioner to keep it feeling soft.

Maintain your beard by shaving the unbearded areas at least once a day and trim any hairs around and in your beard once a week to it keep it looking its best, and remember to use the best beard wax (good beard wax guide).