Modern Barber Shops in London

A lot of people complain that there just aren’t good enough barbers in London. The days when everyone used to go to a barber shop seem to be long gone, but believe us, it just looks that way. We’ve recently been to a place called Drakes of London, and it looks like nothing like a barber shops we all have had in mind. It is one of many new modern barber shops, and the people who have complained that there just aren’t good enough barbers in London can take a break now from complaining, because this one has it all. That is exactly why we came here, to ask the people who work here what is it exactly that a modern barber shop has to have. What kind of services should it provide? And the answers we’ve gotten have surprised us a little, but then we realised that they do make a lot of sense. So, let’s see what these people, who know what they’re talking about, think about this.

Of course, a modern barber shop should still do the things the old barbershops used to do, like the ones in Charley Chaplin films. They ought to provide beard care for their clients, which usually includes shaving, beard or moustache shaping, caring for the facial care, offering advice about it, etc. And with this hipster fashion becoming more and more popular, the beards and moustaches are once again under the spotlight, and in order for them to look the best, they need to be taken care of.

However, the modern barber shops aren’t just about that. If they were, they wouldn’t be modern, they would be same old barber shops. The modern ones ought to provide additional services for their clients. No matter that the clients of the barber shop are usually male, every modern barber shop ought to include eye and eyebrow care,  men’s waxing, hair removal, massage, skin care, hand and foot treatment, etc. This significantly increases the level of service the barber shop provides, which basically means that the number of new clients increases as well, and so does the earning. Basically, the more a barber shop does, the more it will make financially.

Now, these above mentioned things do not look like something that belongs in a barber shop, because a barber shop is a place for real men, according to them. Well, it is obvious that their opinion cannot be changed, but also, no one is forcing them to do any of that stuff. And besides, there are still old-style barber shops all around the city, meaning that every single person can find the service they are looking for, they just need to… well, look for it.

Modern barber shops are a bit different than the old ones to some, while others believe that these barber shops have just expanded the number of services they provide to their clients. Whatever your opinion on them might be, the fact remains that the modern barber shops are out there, and that they are doing better than ever.