Is Waist Training Actually Healthy?

We get that weight loss is a struggle. It’s pretty difficult to reduce your calorie intake, read nutrition labels to check the ingredients and do all the exercising. That’s why everyone is so keen to jump on the latest thing that promises to reduce your waist size without a lot of effort.

The latest one is waist training. This is where you wear a corset to bring together your core, hips and back. The aim is that you wear it for a while every day and, eventually, your body will “mold” itself into the slimmer shape the corset gives you. Sounds simple enough and plenty of celebs like Jessica Alba and the Kardashian sisters are saying it worked for them.

Is it healthy though? Should you wear a waist trainer? The short answer is “no” while the long answer is “nope”.

Wearing a corset squishes together your lungs and ribs which can make it pretty difficult to breathe. There are women who have even passed out from wearing them for too long. When you continue to wear it for too long things aren’t pretty. It’s literally crushing your organs and compressing your lungs. It could even fracture your ribs.

The worst part is that it doesn’t even work. The real experts are in agreement that spot reducing isn’t something that can work. It’s not possible to just reduce how much fat is collected in one particular area. Pushing your stomach in, such as with wearing a corset, just pushes the fat to some other part of your body. No matter how long you wear your corset this effect will always happen. While it’s possible to wear a waist trainer without suffering any negative effects you should look elsewhere for weight loss.